It’s about time that I start pulling myself together, because my poor excuses for progress are simply postponing the process of gaining confidence in what I’m saying and feeling better about who I’m singing about these days. It’s about time that I stopped gracelessly falling to pieces because my refusal to take any right steps is simply weighing down my friendships and finding me questioning every decision. At least you’re making an impression. What if I tried pretending that the two of us were completely and utterly blameless? I’ve written an ending involving a shaved face and some better posture…I’m hoping. These days I’m a mess of mistakes and awkwardness.

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i wanna be haunted 
i wanna be loved 
i want a lot of friends and 
a lot of drugs 
i wanna be haunted 
i won’t leave my bed 
i won’t go crazy and 
i won’t get sad 
so haunt me

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i swear i get uglier everyday

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