i was havin a great time until i remembered that i was ugly

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stay in bed, sometimes turning to my right, until i close my eyes

this is not a song about sleep or death, it’s about something much smaller and paler than that

i’m not going to show it to my friends.

cause when i came home i’d lost thirty something pounds,

i didn’t leave my bed, i threw up in a bathroom in baltimore

before dancing with a girl i’ll probably never talk to again.

we won’t be friends.

and i won’t be nice to anyone because i don’t see why i should.

i don’t see the point, i won’t get clean for the rest of my life.

i won’t be nice

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hello 911 I want to report a theft. yes. A cutie stole my heart. No. I just want the cutie back.  They can keep my heart. Okay. Thank you. Yes. I’ll stay on the line.

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